Jay Yang

By Miles

Disciplines Identity, Art Direction, Motion Design, Illustration
Studio In-house
By Miles is an insuretech start-up based in west London. The company was rapidly scaling up when I joined as in-house brand designer. The business and company were starting to outgrow the existing brand, and also needed to adapt to the changing advertising landscape during the pandemic. 

Previous branding

I worked closely with the brand, community and product team to develop the visual language and refine the brand guidelines. Through a process of auditing and restructuring the identity system to include an extended colour palette, rules for photography, illustrations and social media, we created a new suite of assets that could be used in multiple applications from Instagram posts to newspaper ads.

A brand that speaks
to everyone.

The new brand assets were derived from various motifs drivers encounter on the road - for example, the asset we named “the Parkway” suggests hills and road curvatures, while being a useful container for copy and branding. Image frames were drawn from road tunnels (hence “the Tunnel”) and road signs. The tunnel device worked as a primary device to hero customers and various vignettes from everyday life - By Miles is a car insurer that works to make car ownership easier for everyone.

Employee brand

I was also tasked with creating the internal brand as the team grew and the company values had changed to reflect the renewed goals and diversity of the company. Working closely with our product lead, we designed a careers web page, illustrated our values, benefits and art directed a photoshoot.


Creative Direction Oliver Baxter
Copywriting Ciara Knight
Product Lead Rémi Perrichon
Animation Jason Roberts
Photography Stephen Makin
Video Production Villager Films